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  • 法國樂榆酒莊,從史冊記載,可以追溯到1238年,是當時為數不多的規?;N植酒莊。釀造則始于17世紀中期/酒莊坐落于波爾多左岸”,與吉倫德河相聚8公里,北至多爾多涅河。1828年,愛德.科洛洛斯公爵購入酒莊,至此一直由科洛洛斯家族管理。該酒莊由當時的頂尖釀酒師凱羅恩.伯萊特先生釀造。

    從18世紀到19世紀初該酒莊僅對皇家貴族使用,莎菲.路易斯公主更是對樂榆酒莊青睞有加,成為當時極為盛名的傳承貴族酒莊。經過三個世紀的發展,卡特萊.科洛洛斯伯爵為了讓更多的葡萄酒愛好者品味到高品質的樂榆酒莊,葡萄種植面積增加至13公頃。主要種植赤霞珠,美樂,品麗珠及國際葡萄品種馬爾貝克,小維多,長相思等。 酒莊平均樹齡達15年以上,使種植的葡萄水分糖分充足,更具礦物質,完全發揮出該葡萄品種的特性。遵循老莊主傳統,酒莊傳承著有機無污染的使命,延續人工耕土、人工采摘、人工挑選,并使用帶梗破皮壓榨法,讓單寧更加渾厚強勁,只為讓樂榆品質更加出色。




    CATELAIN  LEEYUE,from historical records,it can be traced back to 1238.It was one of the few large-scale plantations at that time.The winery is located on the Left Bank of bordeaux.Meet Gironde with Gironde for 8 km ,North to dordogne.In 1828,Duke of corloros bought the winery,this has been managed by the koolos family.The chateau was brewed by the then top winemaker, Mr. Kyroan burlett.

    From the 18th century to the early 19th century it was only used by the royal aristocracy,Princess saffee Louis was more interested in the winery, Became the most famous inheritance of aristocratic wine.After three centuries of development,the earl of corloros in order to bring more wine lovers to the high quality of elm winery,the area of grape planting increased to 13 hectares.Mainly planted cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc,and international grape variety malbec, small dimension, long lovesickness, etc .The average age of the winery is over 15 years,the grapes are well hydrated,minerals,fully display the characteristics of this grape variety.Follow the old master tradition,the wine estate inherits the mission of organic pollution-free,The artificial tillage was carried on,Manual pick、Artificial selection、And use a peduncle to break the skin,Make the tannins more vigorous and strong,just for the quality of the elm.

    The winery USES an ancient traditional cold - dipping process,And USES the latitude 35 ° made from premium white oak barrel storage,Underground wine cellar temperature control of 13 degrees Fahrenheit,The constant temperature and microbial activity and perfect fermentation are guaranteed,to make the wine more rich and rich.

    At present, the production area of French elm winery is 18,600 square meters,The base wine storage is listed in bordeaux,The traditional brewing technology and modern high-tech production equipment are adopted,Fully automatic integration operation,efficient,rigorous,excellence,he annual output is 18 million bottles,Strong warehouse logistics base meets the needs of different countries.

    Elyu winery is exported to China, USA, Germany and more than 160 countries and regions.

    China Regional Operator Shanghai Leyu Import and Export Co., Ltd. Investment Hotline:400-106-0036.